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Kewpie's Corner

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Welcome to Kewpie’s Corner at Gaido’s Seaside Inn! This lovely apartment is accessible by key card from either the 1st or 2nd-floor exterior door. With abundant natural light and adjustable blinds, Kewpie’s Corner offers a comfortable environment for both TV viewing and relaxation. The two Queen-size beds are accompanied by adjustable gooseneck reading lamps on the nightstand, perfect for a good read before sleep. Come enjoy all the comforts of home during your stay at Kewpie’s Corner with the best view of Galveston Beaches.

Vacationing at Gaido's Seaside Inn
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Information about Kewpie's Corner

  • Kewpie’s Corner is located on the 2nd floor of the building.
  • The 1st-floor door is on the north west side, and the 2nd-floor door is on the south east side.
  • Both exterior doors require key card access.
  • All interior doors should remain closed at all times for safety and security.


  • Security locks should be engaged on all interior doors when retiring for the evening.
  • Do not engage the security lock on the 2nd-floor exterior hallway doors.

Air conditioning, heating, ventilation

  • Kewpie’s Corner has a central air conditioning and heating system.
  • Fans are available in the bedroom and living room.
  • Night lights are available for safety and convenience.


  • Kewpie’s Corner has a kitchen equipped with necessary utensils.
  • A dishwasher and garbage compactor is available.


  • Kewpie’s Corner has two televisions.
  • Instructions for using the bedroom television are on the nightstand.
  • Instructions for using the living room television are provided.
Follow the Rules and Enjoy your Vacation!

Kewpie's Corner Reviews

Our customers Love this Place!

Great location. Beautiful view of Gulf of Mexico. Free parking for cruise customers. Great hot breakfast.


So incredibly grateful this place was available! What an amazing gem! We will be back again and again! 


Perfect place to stay with the beach right across the street. Their breakfast is amazing!


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