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Welcome to Mike’s Corner, a charming hotel room with a King-size bed, adjustable reading lamps, and an abundance of natural light.  Louvered shutters provide privacy for the spa area and can be partially or fully opened or closed. Enjoy an amazing view of Galveston Beaches from your room staying here!

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Important Information about Mike's Corner

  • The front door to Mike’s Corner is located on the north side and is accessible by key card.
  • Access to Mike’s Corner from the south side is only available from the south side patio using the south side glass door. The fence around the patio that restricts access is required by State law to prevent unauthorized public access to the Spa. This door can be locked, but only from the inside.
  • The door to the room where the washer and dryer are located is on the north side adjacent to the front door and is accessible using the same key card as the front door.


  • The front door and laundry room door should remain locked at all times.
  • When leaving the room or retiring for the night, the southside glass door should be locked by turning the locking knob in a counterclockwise direction.


  • Mike’s Corner has abundant sources of natural and artificial light with clearly marked ON/OFF controls.
  • Most lights can be dimmed or brightened by their own rheostats.
  • Adjustable goose neck reading lamps are located on the nightstands on either side of the King size bed.
  • A number of night lights are installed for safety and convenience that are activated by darkness.

Air conditioning, heating, ventilation

  • Mike’s Corner has a central air conditioning and heating system with one master on and off control located on the outside wall of the bathroom.
  • Doors should be closed, curtains drawn over the south side window, and louvers closed on the south side door to improve the ability of the air conditioning system to cool the room.
  • Fans are installed on both nightstands, on the walls on either side of the vanity in the bathroom, and in the tub/shower area and toilet room to increase ventilation.


  • A hidden television is installed in the bathroom mirror for makeup application, hair drying, tooth brushing, and bathing enjoyment.
  • The glass doors separating the vanity from the tub/shower were designed to slide open to permit unobstructed television viewing from the bathtub.
  • The television in the bedroom should be operated using the DirectTV remote marked “bedroom” and the remote and instructions are located on one of the nightstands.
Follow the Rules and Enjoy your Vacation!


Our customers Love this Place!

The hot tub is awesome! Loved being able to order at the bar by the hot tub from the restaurant adjacent. 

S co

Room with a view for certain. I enjoyed my stay here and when I return to Galveston will stay here.


Our experience was AMAZING! We had an ocean view at the right price. The staff was friendly.


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